On October 9, 2023, an important event took place at Man 4 Jakarta: the Cambridge Club’s AD/ART Ratification Meeting. Muhammad Zaenal Raffi, the president, leading the session as the first Presidium, he set the tone for a conducive and thoughtful environment for the discussions. Assisting in the session’s management was our Vice President of Camb Club, Kayla Anindya, who served as the second Presidium, who worked hand in hand with Zae to conduct the session.

This Plenary Session was attended by a number of Camb Club administrators, such as the daily management body, Academic Division, Public Relations Division and Publication Division. Within this gathering, the administrators engaged in productive discussions, sharing valuable insights and offering each other input and suggestions to improve the club’s operations and activities.

Furthermore, distinguished representatives from the school administration were present to contribute to the session’s success. Mr. Iik, the deputy head of the madrasa for student affairs, joined the gathering, as did Mrs. Ellis, the deputy head of the madrasa for quality development, and Mr. Fitroh, the deputy head for facilities and infrastructure. Their presence underlined the school’s commitment to supporting the Camb Club’s activities.

Our dedicated teachers from Cambridge Class, were actively involved in supervising the proceedings of this plenary session. Among them were Mr. Novan, Ms. Ulfa, and Retno Laoshi.

Acknowledging the importance of student engagement, several members of the Student Council and MPK were invited to contribute to the event. Rifqi Yasin Saputra, the President of the Student Council, lent his support to Camb Club, emphasizing collaborative and cooperative spirit of the session.

The purpose of this gathering was to officially ratify the framework of the Camb Club’s operation. The Articles of Association and Bylaws, collectively known as AD/ART. These documents serve as the foundation for any organization, outlining its purpose, structure, and operational guidelines. For Cam Club Man 4 Jakarta, this ratification would set the stage for future activities and governance.

After thorough deliberation, all present members approved the AD/ART, signifying their commitment to the values and principles embedded within. The documents were formally signed by Mrs. Ellis, sealing the commitment of Camb Club Man 4 Jakarta to uphold the rules and regulations outlined inside.

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