The famous saying, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” may have worked well to encourage this outstanding student as he mentioned, “If you study hard and focus, you can definitely get a scholarship.

Muhammad Danish Ramadhan, a student at Cambridge Curriculum Program of MAN 4 Jakarta. Danish, who is currently enrolled in Science Class, has recently got the chance to study Cyber Security in Russia. His initial desire to pursue his education in Europe has eventually helped him to find fortune. Unlike many of his friends who enrolled through independent admission, Danish received this wondrous window of opportunity through the Russian Government Scholarship.

The registration for this scholarship opens very early in comparison to other scholarship programs. In the early month of October, Danish applied for the scholarship. After a nerve wracking anticipation of three months while quelling the fear of getting rejected, it was announced that he got finally accepted on the 12th of January 2024. Although he was not immediately accepted at a university, this scholarship guarantees full educational scholarship. This means that the awardees receive free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen programme, which is extremely beneficial to support the applicants in which he added that living expenses and travel costs are not provided by the Russian Government Scholarship.

Throughout his journey of advancing his level of education, Danish was given a range of offers from the following international universities:

  1. University of Tasmania – Information and Communication Technology (Australia)
  2. University of Dublin – Computer Science (Irlandia)
  3. Russian Government Scholarship – Information Security (Rusia)
  4. ⁠Uskudar University – Computer Engineering – (Turki)
  5. University of Victoria – Computer Science and Health Information Science (Canada)
  6. Monash University – Computer Science – Australia

However, he insisted that studying in Russia is a dream come true and his all time favourite place to stay as a Moslem.

Danish refused the idea that it was less tense to apply for the scholarship as he explained that he had to fulfil several terms and conditions during registration. Requirements consist of diplomas, identification, and a completed form issued by the institution, all translated into Russian. In addition, applicants must also process their passports as a prerequisite. He admitted amongst all the requirements he took, the most difficult was the medical check ups–there were plenty and were complex. Surprisingly, of all terms and conditions, IELTS or TOEFL scores were excluded.

This exceptional accomplishment bears a great honour to the school. Danish has successfully achieved a golden ticket, like the dreams of many MAN 4 Jakarta students. Three long years of joys and sorrows are paid off handsomely by passing the Russian Government Scholarship, a very moving experience he has had so far. Surely, he will remember this for a lifetime.

Best luck for your future endeavours Kak Danish!

By: Azizah Jihan (CC)
Editor: NK