On August 17, 2023, as we gathered in the center of Man 4 Jakarta to celebrate the Cambridge Club’s official inauguration, a new chapter began. With excitement bubbling like soda pop, we, the Cambridge students, set out on a thrilling adventure into the world of knowledge. Let’s take a closer look at the excellent individuals leading this journey:

Meet the Club’s Captain – Muhammad Zaenal Raffi

Leading our ship, we have our captain, Muhammad Zaenal Raffi. With his boundless enthusiasm and a friendly smile, along with an explosion of ideas in his head, Zae sets the course for our club’s journey. He’s the one who keeps our ship steady through every academic storm.

Our Navigator – Kayla Anindya R.

Sailing alongside Zae, we have Kayla Anindya, our vice leader. With her sharp mind and talent for organization, she’s like the compass guiding us in the right direction. Kayla ensures that our club’s ship always stays on course.

Recording the Ship’s Logs – Nadya Ilfia Anjani

Every ship needs a diligent scribe, and that’s where Nadya Ilfia Anjani, our secretary, comes in. She records our adventures, making sure we never forget the incredible moments we share as a club. Her notes will be our treasure chest of memories.

Guarding the Treasure – Zafira Al-Gumaisha

Speaking of treasure, Zafira Al-Gumaisha, our treasurer, is the one who watches over our club’s finances. With her sharp-eyed, she ensures that our club’s treasure chest stays full, allowing us to embark on even more exciting journeys.

The Academic Navigator – Zelda Azalia

Heading the Academic division is Zelda Azalia, our academic navigator. She’s the one who charts the academic waters, guiding us through the vast sea of knowledge. Zelda is the map that helps us find our way to success.

Spreading the Word – Pradepta Banyu Agraprana

Pradepta Banyu Agraprana, our head of public relations, is our club’s chief communicator. With his megaphone of words, he spreads the news about our adventures, making sure everyone knows about the amazing things happening in our club.

Ink-Slinger Extraordinaire – Malika Soraya Hamid

Last but not least, we have Malika Soraya Hamid, our head of the publication division. With her pen as her sword, she documents our journey in ink and parchment, crafting stories that will be remembered for generations.

On that sunny day, we stood shoulder to shoulder, ready to embark on a journey filled with friendship, knowledge, and unforgettable experiences. The inauguration ceremony was a moment of pride and unity, as we officially set sail into the world of Cambridge Club.

As a black pen danced on the piece of paper of the Cambridge Club inauguration letter, it symbolized not just a club but a community of young minds eager to explore the vast ocean of learning. Our leaders, Zae, Kayla, Nadya, Zafira, Zelda, Banyu, and Malika, are the wind in our sails, propelling us toward new horizons.

In the days and months to come, we look forward to the exciting adventures that await us. From academic competitions to lively debates, from literary escapades to scientific discoveries, the Cambridge Club promises a world of opportunities for its members.

With hearts full of enthusiasm and minds open to knowledge, we, the Cambridge Club members, are ready to pen the next chapter of our story. We invite all fellow Cambridge students to join us on this incredible voyage, as together, we sail toward a brighter, more enlightened future.